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Giving is not just about making a donation, it's ​about making a​ difference.​​

2018 Party Caboodle Award of Excellence Recipients  

2019 Party Caboodle Award of Excellence Recipient

2020 & 2021 Party Caboodle Award of Excellence Recipients​ 























2022 Party Caboodle Award of Excellence ​Recipient

 Daddy Daughter Dances

Santa Maria Bonita House Holiday Princess Party 

 It’s Fun Being A Girl Member Field Trip

It’s Fun Being A Girl Member Field Trip

 It’s Fun Being A Girl Member Field Trip​

It’s Fun Being A Girl  Member Field Trip 

Brunch with the Easter Bunny 

Fashion Show Participants 

Holiday Caboodle Donation



















Spring Break Sleepover

Spring Break Sleepover

Mommy & Me Zumba 

IMG_1519 (1)_edited.jpg

Mommy & Me Tea Party

Dillard’s Back To School Fashion Show 

Painting with a Purpose 

Trunk or Treat 

Holiday Production Cast 

Royal Caribbean Cruise 


Our parties and events build character, promotes self-esteem, & enhances creativity in young girls. We are implementing programs that allows young girls to believe, achieve, and accomplish their goals. The connections made at our events celebrate girl empowerment and create memories that will last for a life time. Our sole purpose is to continue to launch innovative events for girls to showcase and develop their talents providing  an educational, and nurturing experience. 


Let’s just say, we enjoy unlocking little girl’s inner princess.

We are proud to announce that Party Caboodle is a non-profit organization and we are humbly accepting donations to continue to service girls in our community.


Take a journey with us today by making a donation. A donation big or small means so much to our organization. Our organization means so much to girls and their future. The future means so much to everyone’s tomorrow. 

Your participation and donations are ​greatly appreciated and will not go 


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